Bitcoin Billionaire- yay or nay?

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Georgia Roberts

Hey Guys!
Thanks for your amazing podcast, I am completely addicted and have now got my husband equally addicted.
Twiggy Forrest has told Australians on live television to invest in Bitcoin Billionaire. It seems too good to be true and I remain a skeptic – Bryce, you recently told us you invested in Bitcoin I think a full episode on crypto currency could be very interesting. What I’d like to know is what are your thoughts on Bitcoin Billionaire- scam or equity opportunity?

Also, since the Asia Market is continuously popping up in your content- do you think China’s TENCENT is a good investment? Or do you think it’s too big now to get a solid return opportunity??


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    Hey Georgia - we'll answer the Tencent question on our episdoe at the end of this month. As for the Bitcoin question - pretty sure it's a scam, so stay away! I doubt that Twiggy would ever tell Australian's to invest in Bitcoin. Apparently, the scam has made a very believable news website.