ASX company acquired by TSXV company

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Christopher Press

A company I have holdings in, Creso Pharma (ASX:CPH), has recently had a proposal for acquisition from a company, Pharmaceilo (TSXV:PCLO). Both companies are listed cannabis producer/supplier companies that grow then supply into differing markets. Creso Pharma is a Canadian company listed on the ASX and Pharmaceilo also Canadian owned but listed on the TSXV. From the information I have read I believe they will remain a company but Pharmaceilo will own 87%.

My question: Will I receive new shares in my Commsec account to the value in the proposal, 1 CPH to 0.0775 PLCO, even though the company is listed on the TSXV? If so do I need to apply for access to international trading through Commsec?

Apologies for the long winded question, I am very confused as to the process of M&A across different exchanges and what that means for the retail investor and their share holding.


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    Hey Chris,

    Good question - hopefully, we answered it for you on the latest episode...