Active ETFs

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Jodi Pettersen

Hey guys,
Love your podcast and think you’re really doing a great service educating and engaging young (and old!) audiences when it comes to investing.
I haven’t heard you specifically addressing Active ETFs as a new type of investment offering and wondered if it would make a good topic?
ETFs are well known and loved type of investment and Active ETFs are very similar, except for the underlying portfolio is actively managed by fund managers. Active ETFs don’t really exist in the USA but in Canada they represent c. 12% of the ETF market and are growing rapidly.
I will declare my self interest here. I work for eInvest, an Active ETF specialist and we are looking at the Canadian market as a blueprint for where the Australian market could go to. So we are partnering with top quality investment managers to bring their best strategies to the masses. We think that top investment management should not be available only to HNWI but everyone.
Camilla Love, the MD of eInvest is an excellent, engaging speaker and is the driving force behind eInvest. I would be happy to throw her in the ring if you feel like this topic would make a good podcast.

She could cover the following:
– what are Active ETFs, how they are different to traditional ETFs
– the role of market makers
– what does the offshore market look like when it comes to ETFs
– how and investor use an active ETF in their portfolio (alongside passive ETFs and other asset classes)
– what type of investor likes Active ETFs

I look forward to hearing if this of interest. I can be reached by email on or phone 0423895562.
Have a great afternoon,