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    Time to Inflation-proof Our Portfolios

    All of the conversation earlier this year about inflation being transitory is well and truly over. More and more economists are now realising that inflation is here to stay - the question is just how much and for how long.

    21st Nov, 2021

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    A Look at Sun Cable, One of Australia's Most Ambitious Renewable Projects

    While our federal government drags their feet on climate policy and the state governments and the business community are forced to take the lead, we're seeing some exciting projects progress. The opportunity for Australia to be a net exporter of green, renewable energy is within reach if some of these projects can be realised.

    20th Nov, 2021

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    Business Travel's Demise Could Have Far-reaching Consequences

    Businesses are returning to the office, but around the world bosses are questioning if they need to return to the skies. Zoom meetings were an effective substitute while we were locked down, but many companies have adapted and now find them more efficient than the old-world, travel and meet in person alternative

    19th Nov, 2021

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    A House Built in a Week? An Introduction to 3D-printed Homes

    Austin-based construction tech company ICON is 3D-printing homes in Texas. The homes, measuring between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet, took between five and seven days of printing time and are selling for around $450k (which is the average house price in Austin, Texas).

    17th Nov, 2021

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    The FOMO rally: Two Articles on How Hot the Stock Market is Right Now

    The last 18 months has been one of the best runs in stock market history, with the MSCI All-World index nearly doubling since the COVID-lows of March 2020. This has largely been driven by the unbelievable run in US large-cap stocks. But it isn't just stocks that have done well, everything from cryptocurrencies to property have seen unbelievable runs of late.

    15th Nov, 2021

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    The Company Man

    “Sam Got is pure 21st-century innovation. Its success comes down to technological innovation, relentless focus on customer experience, and mastery of globalised logistics.” That sentence could be written about Amazon or some of the other eCommerce giants that have emerged in the past two decades.

    14th Nov, 2021

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    Tim Cook wants Facebook Dead, and his Strategies May Be Working

    The last few years there has been a growing tension between two of the biggest names in technology - Apple’s Tim Cook and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. It started with veiled criticism around Facebook’s data privacy and fake news. Then Apple’s product changes - in particular the iOS 13 privacy and security features - caused a stir amongst all the social media platforms.

    13th Nov, 2021

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    An Interview with Mark Zuckerberg on the Metaverse

    Two days before Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook name change, he sat down with Ben Thompson of Stratechery. There has been a lot written about Facebook's name change but we thought this was particularly interesting to hear the inside view of the metaverse from Zuckerberg himself. This is a transcript of that interview.

    12th Nov, 2021

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    Hayden Capital: Long Thesis on Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN)

    Coinbase is a phenomenal story of the past decade. Started in 2012 to enable people to store, send and receive Bitcoin (remember, Bitcoin was only created in 2009), it has grown to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US (note, not in the world. Binance holds that distinction).

    10th Nov, 2021

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    Cars Are Going Electric. What Happens to the Used Batteries?

    Lithium. It is on the forefront of every Australian investors mind. It brings together the oldest love of Australian retail investors - mining speccies - with the latest trend in the retail investor community - ESG and sustainability. The promise and potential of lithium-ion batteries is huge.

    8th Nov, 2021

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