• The Big Picture

    Why You Should Consider Investing as Part of Your Financial Self-care Routine

    Women have a savings problem. The way that the majority of us are building financial security and wellbeing is all wrong. How many times have you been told that if you want more money, you need to cut back

    23rd Oct, 2021

  • The Big Picture

    The Gender Investment Gap: Why Do Men Invest More Money than Women?

    Do you ever just wonder how much easier life would be if you won the lottery? If you could donate to your favourite cause, or take the holiday without contemplating money?

    17th Oct, 2021

  • The Awkward Secret Hiding in the Jobs Data

    The jobs data looks amaaaazing, but is it really all that? The minimum wage got topped up last week, but the boys' Dad says the impact will be bigger than we think. Ronaldo trolled Coke and won, and Thomas discovers that giving non-alcoholic beer to kids is apparently a no-no. This, and many more revelations like it, on this week's Comedian v. Economist.

    23 June

  • How on earth did Australia hang on to its AAA? … and much more.

    Australia held on to its AAA credit rating, but the numbers seem a little fishy. Retail sales are four years ahead of schedule, but CBD movements are down everywhere but party-town Radelaide. Trump fires a broad-side at Bitcoin, and is CBA expensive or front-running the market?

    16 June

  • Dr Doom Says Buy Commodities

    Is Dr Doom a real person, and what’s his take on the macro-economic policy settings when he’s not producing phat beats. How does stag-flation differ from vanilla inflation, are rents rising in Australia right now, and what is carbon leakage?

    5 May

  • Can The Most Powerful Woman in the World Save Capitalism?

    Who actually is the most powerful woman in the world (Hint: it’s not Beyonce), and what’s she going to do with that power? What was the anger that brought Trump into power, and how are the economic levers being used to ward off another Trump? And if this war gets out of hand, what the outlook for share prices?

    28 April

  • EM Chat: Asset Bubbles - Is Everything In A Bubble?

    This episode is all about asset bubbles… because lately it seems like everything is hitting all time highs. The S&P 500, NASDAQ, property prices, gold, and even some non-traditional assets, like Bitcoin, Baseball cards, and NFTs

    15 April

  • The Weaponisation of Freedom

    A year on from Covid, what have we learnt? Why has America - the bastion of democracy and free-market capitalism - had one of the worst Covid experiences? Can our commitment to freedom be weaponised against us? Is Russian sh!t-posting a serious attempt to undermine democracy, or is it just for the lols?

    14 April

  • Commodity Supercycle or SuperHype?

    Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are talking up a new commodity supercycle. It is true that commodity prices are through the roof, but are they going to stay there? Are we on the cusp of another 12-year boom, or is it just going to fade away the way the last mining boom did, along with ‘The Chinese Century’? And how doe we get rich on the back of it?

    7 April

  • WTF is a NFT and can I make money off them?

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are selling for millions of dollars, but what are they? Thomas says they’re what happens when you combine the financial illiteracy of crypto-bois with the self-indulgent pretentiousness of the arts market, but he would say that wouldn’t he? But don’t worry, Adam is the family’s in-house tech-guy, so he’ll walk us through this “new and exciting” asset class.

    17 March

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