• #1 Money goals | Investing convos every millennial should have

    We are always told about how important it is to have an investing goal, but what is really the point? And what should we do if we’re struggling to form one? Sophie and Maddy share their short term, medium term, and long term goals, and discuss the strategies they use successfully to keep themselves on track (most of the time).

    21 December

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  • The Basics of Fixed Income & How to Invest In It | Blossom

    We talk about the need to diversify your portfolio a lot at Get Started Investing. This episode, Bryce and Alec talk to founder and Chief Investment Officer at Fortlake Asset Management, Dr Christian Baylis. Together they talk about why you should invest in fixed income, what role it plays in a diversified portfolio, and the process Christian goes through to assess a fixed income investment.

    7 September

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  • Community: DJ Tigerlily on aligning your investments with your values

    On this episode of Get Started Investing, Bryce and Alec are joined by Dara Hayes… who you might know better by the name DJ Tigerlily. Dara is one of Australia’s most successful DJs… and her day job sees her touring the world, playing some of the biggest clubs across the globe, playing to tens of thousands of people all over the world, from Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

    31 August

  • Sort Your Money: Improving your cash flow with Kylie Purcell | Finder

    Over three episodes we’ve partnered with Finder, to talk about all things personal finance and getting your money sorted so you can start investing. In this final episode we’re going to look at some of the best practices when it comes to personal finance, and how it can help your investing journey. And we have the pleasure of talking to one of Finder's editors, Kylie Purcell

    24 August

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  • Get Started

    Investing Styles #2 - Who Am I?

    If you’re a passive investor - choosing what to buy is easy - buy and hold market indexes, managed funds or broad thematic ETFs. If you’re active then there is plenty of choice about different styles. In this article, we unpack some of the different choices.

    27th Apr, 2021

  • Get Started

    Investing Styles #1 - Active v Passive

    There are plenty of different ways to make money investing. The important thing is that you find one that works for you and stick to it.

    20th Apr, 2021

  • Get Started

    What On Earth Are NFTs?!

    You're probably noticing a huge amount of blockchain and cryptocurrency news flying around social media and news outlets. You're also probably thinking 'wtf does all this mean, and where do I even start?'. Fair enough. It's very confusing. There is one part of the blockchain universe that's very amusing at the moment, and that is NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

    24th Mar, 2021

  • Get Started

    3 Myths To Stop Telling Yourself About Investing

    We have addressed some of the major myths that we hear about investing. These myths are often stop you from starting your investing journey, but in reality, these myths need to be busted.

    24th Mar, 2021

  • Get Started

    Don't Stock Markets Always Crash?!

    "The stock market is too risky - it always crashes!" This is a common excuse we hear from beginner investors, as an excuse not to get started. And fair enough. Yes, there are famous stories of market crashes, BUT over time the stock market continues grinding upwards.

    16th Mar, 2021

  • Get Started

    How To Start Small With Micro-Investing

    Forget the idea that you don’t have enough money to invest. Gone are our parents days when you needed $2,000 to get started. Thanks to technology, you can get started with as little as a few dollars and cents.

    9th Mar, 2021

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