• US Reporting Season Wrap-up | Hearing direct from the tech giant CEOs

    The US Reporting season is well and truly upon us, and all the big tech companies are holding their earnings calls. Despite being such a rich source of information for retail investors, earnings calls have been hard for the average person to access - they’re hard to find, and often at really unfortunate times. Thankfully, Quartr has solved this problem, and now allows the average investor to eavesdrop on these huge earnings calls. In today’s episode they cover four of the big US tech companies - hearing from Twitter, Facebook, Snap, and Square (who talks about their very important APT acquisition).

    8 August

  • Is this company a good investment? | How to build an investment thesis

    It's the age-old question when it comes to investing... How do you find a good investment? Just what makes a company good, and what happens if a good company has some bad news? Today's episode is inspired by a question asked by a YIGC community member in our YIGC Facebook Discussion group: how do you build an investing thesis? To workshop it through and demonstrate it for everyone, we've done you the favour of doing it ourselves! Join us as Sophie presents her case for investing in Sonos, and Maddy tries her best to tear it apart!

    2 August

  • 6 high-conviction stocks from the experts for your watchlist

    You loved our last episode with two of our favourite picks from our Ausbiz show, that we decided to treat you again! This time we hear from two old friends of the show - Owen Raszkiewicz, the founder of Rask Invest, and Andrew Page, the founder and Managing Director of Strawman.com.

    18 July

  • Woolworths (ASX: WOW) Demerger | All your questions answered | Equity Mates on AusBiz TV

    20 Jun, 2021

  • Semiconductor deep dive | Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd & Samsung Electronics | w/ Sunny Bangia

    13 Jun, 2021

  • Woolworths Is Demerging: What Does It Mean?

    In this episode, Alec and Bryce talk everything demerger - just what does that mean, how does it work in practice, what does this mean for existing shareholders, and what does this mean for new shareholders?

    7 June

  • 30 stocks in 30 minutes for Bryce's 30th

    This episode truly is epic. Alec takes a break, and Bryce takes the driver's seat, as he runs through 30 investments in 30 minutes. (All in celebration of his 30th birthday). As said it's 'a wrap up of some of my favourite companies and ideas over the last 5 years of Equity Mates and the journey we have been on.'

    17 May

  • EM Chat: Bull case for A2 Milk & Calling the Specky Hotline

    This is a busy episode! There’s a new ‘What The?’, with the arrival of the SUBZ ETF (The Roundhill Streaming Services & Technology ETF) which is designed to offer investors exposure to the streaming industry.

    7 March

  • EM Chat with Nick Griffin: Why did he divest from Facebook?

    It’s *the* story of the moment: what’s going on with Facebook, and their battle with news? Alec and Bryce recap what has happened to date with the Facebook saga.

    28 February

  • EM Chat: What stocks are Buffett, Ackman and Soros buying?

    In this episode, Alec brings a ‘What The ?’ to the table for Bryce to puzzle over, and we break down 13Fs… What are they?

    21 February

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