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  • Thought Starters

    Food Fraud and Counterfeit Cotton: The Detective Untangling Global Supply Chains

    The nature of international commerce has led to incredibly complex supply chains. The cotton shirt that you buy from the local store may be made of cotton grown in India, blended with other cotton in Australia, spun into yarn in Vietnam, woven into cloth in Turkey and then sown and cut in Portugal.

    27th Sep, 2021

  • Woolworths' buyback, Evergrande's debt and expert's stocks for the next 5 years

    It's another chat episode! You've been talking non stop about the Woolworths buyback in the Facebook Discussion group, so Alec and Bryce give you the 101 on what's going on. Then the guys do a deep dive on Evergrande, break down the facts about the latest SPAC merger: $DNA, and compare their notes about a recent article on Livewire: 13 stock picks for the next five years.

    27 September

  • Talking Money To Us | Moneghetti Minerals - Anna Nahajski-Staples and Dr Karen Lloyd

    Felicity and Candice welcome Managing Director Anna Nahajski-Staples and Technical Director Dr Karen Lloyd of Moneghetti Minerals to Talk Money To Me. Moneghetti Minerals Limited are a gold exploration and development company, focused on high-grade, scalable discovery opportunities in the best mining jurisdictions in the world - those being in Nevada US and locally here in Western Australia.

    24 September

  • CEO: Darren Steinberg - The Ultimate Australian Portfolio - $42.5bn in Property... | Dexus

    Darren Steinberg is the CEO of Dexus and an Executive Director of Dexus Funds Management Limited. Dexus is an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust managing an Australian property portfolio valued at $42.5 billion. Darren has over thirty years' experience in the property and funds management industry with an extensive background in office, industrial and retail property investment and development.

    23 September

  • Will Evergrande Crash the World Economy?

    If Evergrand defaults as expected, will the global economy go belly up? Why did Australia ditch France for its submarines? How did Canva becoming an Australian tech legend and what happens now that Facebook knows that Instagram is toxic?

    22 September

  • Thought Starters

    For food delivery apps, private label is the next battleground

    Food delivery apps have been one of the biggest winners from the pandemic, as people around the world were locked down and ordering food from our phones become a staple of day-to-day life. Now it seems some of these food delivery apps are following a path well-worn by food retailers before them, moving into private label.

    21st Sep, 2021

  • Impact Investing & Cryptocurrency in Developing Nations | YIGC with Christina Hobbs

    Investing is an important way to grow your wealth and set yourself up for financial freedom. But it doesn’t have to stop there. It can also be a tool to give back to causes that you care about. Ever thought that you could micro finance women's businesses or fund farms that are trying to grow sustainable agriculture practices? Well, it is all possible through impact investing

    21 September

  • Community: Sam Koslowski - Stock Tips & Start-Ups | The Daily Aus

    Sam Koslowski is one half of The Daily Aus, a news source for millennials who want the top news in under a minute a day. Alongside running his busy startup, Sam is a keen investor, and he joins Alec and Bryce to talk about his journey in the stockmarket, from his very beginnings, through to his biggest investing mistake, and his greatest wins.

    21 September

  • 'Dude, where's my parcel?' and Ren takes on Cathie Wood...

    Have you bought the Get Started Investing book? If you have, thank you! But the real question is... has it arrived yet? Cause chances are, probably not... Aside from it being endlessly frustrating that Australia Post is being so slow, Bryce and Alec talk about how your online shopping order not arriving for a couple of days (which feels like a first world problem) is actually symptomatic of a larger issue, with freight earnings climbing to their highest peak since 2008. They talk about whether this is going to effect inflation, and what impact it will have on your investing.

    20 September

  • Innovation in BioTech you need to be watching | w/ Michael Frazis

    Episode #112 of Equity Mates on AusBiz TV

    18 Sep, 2021

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