5. Expert Investor: Andrew Brown Part 1

The brilliant and entertaining Andrew Brown, Executive Director East 72 Holdings Limited, is the first guest in our interview series. Andrew has over 35 years investing experience, that has taken him all over the world.

He is passionate about stocks and passing on his knowledge to those who want to learn – us! We cover a broad range of questions, from words of advice to someone beginning through to the current state of the economy and what that could mean for us as investors.

We have split the interview into two parts. The first part we talk about the basics of investing, what Andrew’s major lessons, successes and failures have been, we look at the concept of value investing. Part 2 we delve into East 72, Apple, the state of the economy and disruptive technology.

There is advice and actions in this interview that everyone will be able to take away. Enjoy! … More 5. Expert Investor: Andrew Brown Part 1

4. How to buy shares

The number one question on everyone’s lips – how do I actually buy shares?

In Episode 4 we answer that question, and take you through the process of buying shares -from understanding company codes to the different brokerage options available.

As always, Equity Mates also brings you the latest in investing news and we give our Stock of the Week. … More 4. How to buy shares

Glossary of Key Terms

We understand there are a lot of terms listed below. If you are looking for a particular definition we’d suggest using the find function with your browser (Control+F for PC or Command+F for Mac) AGM – Stands for Annual General Meeting. It is a legal requirement in Australia that all public companies must hold an AGM … More Glossary of Key Terms