I Want To Start…

…but I don’t know when or how! I’m too scared to take the plunge!

Don’t worry, we know what it feels like wanting to begin investing but feeling overwhelmed with information, and not knowing where to start. Be patient! Don’t worry! Equity Mates will bring you what we think are the basics of investing to get you thinking and on your way. Tune into the podcast to listen to our Basics 101.

If you’re ever unsure about a term we use in the podcast or that you read somewhere you can always refer to our glossary of key investing terms

Basics 101  – What can I invest in?  Episode 2

We asked ourselves ‘What do we wish we were told first?’ We wish someone had told us that there were options available. There’s more to investing than just buying companies. Well, in-fact Bryce’s Dad did tell him but it took him a while to listen. In episode two, Equity Mates discuss the three basic forms of investing on the stock exchange:

  • Companies
  • Indexes (ETFs)
  • Listed Investment Companies (LIC)

Don’t be scared by the jargon – have a listen and you’ll soon find that it is all a lot easier than you think.

Basics 101  – How do I buy shares  Episode 4

It’s all well and good that we’ve explained various ways you can get access to the market, but it’s no use until you actually know how to buy a share!

Episode 4 we discuss just this – what are the best and easiest ways you can buy shares. It’s as easy as online shopping! We look at the different types of brokerage platforms and discuss the concept of paying brokerage fees.

We discuss the three letter company codes on the ASX and how to search for a place an order online. By the end of this episode you should be confident enough to log on to a platform to start having a play around.

Action: see if your bank offers a stockbroking/trading platform and sign up. It’s free to sign up and it will allow you to experience what the interface looks like. Try and search for a stock (for example Commonwealth Bank’s ASX code is CBA) and see what you can discover.

Basics 101  – How do I find companies to invest in? How do I find information? Episode 7

Check out our blog post on some of the best free resources out there.

You know the different forms of investing in the stock market, and how to buy a share through a brokerage platform, so it’s now time to find a company to invest in!

There is so much information out there that going through it all can take a while and can often be confusing. To find a company you are interested in investing in you need to find information resources that work for you.

In Episode 7 we go through a number of different resources that are available to find a company and then get information about the company, from the best news papers to online forums and blogs. We reveal some resources that are gold!

Basics 101 – Tips and tricks for saving for your investment Episode 9

Our blog post details three basic actions you can take to make saving for an investment easy as 1,2,3! Take a look!


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